Team Rider Interview with Tyrone Olson

Team Rider Interview with Tyrone Olson

1.What inspired you to start skateboarding?

My uncle Jay Olson use to skateboard so when I go visit him back In the 80s.     I would ride his board in the basement.


2.How long have you been skating?

I have been skate for 35 years


3. Who were your favorite skateboarders growing up? Who are they now?

Ron Allen back in the day.  Well, I guess my friends that still go out and skate till this day.


4.Who is your favorite musician? Musician?

Iron Maiden


5. What is your “Good skateboarding day”  like ?

Stacking clips


6. What about fashion? Is there a skater look?

Not really


7. What frustrates you in today’s skateboarding culture?

These kids do not do their skateboard history and don’t know who a lot of older guys who started it.


8. Where do you like to skate (any particular spots, parks)?

I love skating in San Diego LA mad spots


9. What is your favorite trick?

Nollie hard flip and nose grinds


10. What was your exciting part of being on the Osiris team? 

Traveling and making money on my pro model


11. How many countries has skateboarding brought you to?

I’ve been all over Canada Australia Japan Europe all over the United States


12. What is your message for the next generation of skaters?

My message is to Skate as hard as you can save your money do the right thing and stay strong and focused and don’t never stop skateboarding

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