Team Rider Interview with Greg Pachell

Team Rider Interview with Greg Pachell

1. What inspired you to start skateboarding?

I got into scooter riding during the first craze of that as a little kid and slowly all my friends out grew them and picked up skateboards. 

2. How long have you been skating?

About 17 years now!

3. Who were your favorite skateboarders growing up? Who are they now?

Growing up I only really knew skateboarders from the Tony Hawk games and Rodney Mullen was my favorite. But I eventually saw stuff like CKY2K and was super into Bam cause he skated a lot of my local spots.

Now my favorite skaters are The Gonz, Cardiel... Im really into Wonkowski. I kinda just like seeing people who can be creative but also get gnarly.

4. What is your connection to music?

I started playing bass when I broke my leg at FDR to pass the time. But I've met a bunch of other musicians through skating and have started a few bands. I'm currently in Under 95 with 2 other guys from FDR.

5. Who is your favorite musician?

I don't know if I have a favorite musician exactly, but The Dwarves are my biggest inspiration for how I play. They always put out solid music and always have amazing shows.

6. What is your “Good skateboarding day”  like ?

I usually end up skating by myself after work, so for me a good day of skateboarding is when I can finally make it out with a few friends. That's all!

7. What about fashion? Is there a skater look?

I guess there is? But it changes with each generation so I don't even know what people are dressing like now! I think work pants and a t shirt has been my look for pretty much forever.

8. What frustrates you in today’s skateboarding culture?

I'm just happy to be skateboarding... There's always gonna be something annoying that goes along with it, but I'm not trying to let any of it bother me!

9. Where do you like to skate (any particular spots, parks)?

I usually end up at FDR since I live right by there. Luckily it also happens to be my favorite park.

10. What is your favorite trick?

The first trick I ever learned was a boneless and somehow it's still stayed one of my favorites

11. What is your message for the next generation of skaters?
Just have fun and be supportive of fellow skateboarders.
Picture by Rich Whitehead
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