Old School Army Update

Old School Army Update

Old School Army Update-

Started off the last weekend with Tyrone Olson’s interview with @trueskateboardmag.  The last Saturday was the last Freedom Skate Park open session.  Thank you for your support of the Trenton Skate Scene and this fantastic non-profit that helped so many people have the opportunity to enjoy a world-class skatepark, @freedomskatepark.  I would also like to thank Team Rider Jake Nichols @jake.mcnichol for spearheading such an excellent program.


We got a lot of work done in the woodshop last week and started developing our Skateboard building course.  We got feedback from @staackmoore staffer Tori @artofswimming.  Check out the board that she pressed and shaped.  I look forward to seeing what she is going to paint on it.


My boy, Painter Bill @bill.trumpfheller stopped by the woodshop to help me as well.  I can not thank you enough for donating your time to help me. I am honored to know you! 

Our production is in full swing, and anyone looking to get decks pressed and build your brand with locally pressed wood from Philadelphia, PA, DM, email at oldschoolskateboardcompany@gmail.com or call John at 609-227-8142.


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