Team Riders

Tyrone Olson

Fav Trick:

Fakie heel, nollie hard flip

Yrs of Skating: 37 yrs

Greg Pachell

Fav Trick:

Boneless or andrect

Yrs of Skating: 18 yrs

Victor Perez

Fav Trick:

Front-side Invert Revert

Yrs of Skating: 30+ yrs

Jesse Gullings

Fav Trick:

Frontside invert

Yrs of Skating: 40 yrs

Arjun Shah

Fav Trick:


Yrs of Skating: 22yrs

Mike Conlon

Fav Trick:


Yrs of Skating: 22 yrs

Mile Godbold

Fav Trick:

Treflips, frontside flip, Ollie north

Yrs of Skating: 7yrs

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